Our Process

In order to ensure the smooth and timely launch of a quality website Graphic Source we have created a design process that is very effective in helping us achieve our final goal. Working closely with our clients, we determine what their goals and needs are, how those goals can best be achieved and what form the final site will look like. We are not satisfied with your site until you are. Graphic Source will work with you ever step of the way to ensure that the final product meets your requirements and represents your business or product in a way that you will be proud of.

The process:

In this phase we determine what your goals and needs are and get a feel for what you’d like to see.
We will also determine what kind of domain name you will need. (ie. www.yoursitename.com)

Quoting Stage – Creative Brief / Technical Specifications
We work together to determine the number of pages, link names and functionality.
Graphic Source creates a creative brief outlining the visual and communication goals of the site. After receiving sign-off on this document and an initial deposit of (50% of total price) we can begin the work of building your site. At this point the client is encouraged to determine what the content of the site will be. Someone needs to write the text that will be appearing on the site. If you choose we can write your site content for you at an extra cost. Most clients however, will determine the wording they want to use on their site.

Graphic Source creates the agreed upon number of initial designs. These designs are sent to the client for review. The client selects one originial design and requests alterations to that design. Alterations are then sent made and sent back to the client for approval.

Once the client has approved the final look of the site we begin the programming stage. Site graphics are prepared for the web and assembled into a functional site by our programmers.

Content Insertion
Client sends the text for the site to Graphic Source and all text and images are inserted into the site.
All content must be proofread in advance to avoid unnecessary programming. Please ensure that all site content is complete and error free before submitting it to us for inclusion on the site.

Client Review and Final Changes
Once you see your site, you will have a chance to make some final changes and adjustments. This stage is about correcting minor errors and not making major structural changes. The design and layout of the site were approved at an earlier stage and should not be changing at this point. Major changes to design or layout of the site will involve extra time and therefore be billed accordingly.

Search Engine Submission and Site Launch
Once you are happy with your site, we can pop the champagne corks and launch the site onto the internet.
We will also submit your site to a number of the most popular search engines and suggest ways that you can promote your site to your audience.

After everything is said and done we would appreciate some feedback on how you think we might improve our services.

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